Have you ever held a child's hand and walked through the park?

Stopped to pick every single dandelion on the path? What you can only learn from children is this, there is so much beauty all around you, the little things, the big things, the things so often overlooked.

Come together for a day of in-person fun, fitness and fundraising. Stepping for CARE is designed to raise funds and awareness for the services and programs provided by our organization. Our family friendly event, Stepping for CARE means you, your family, friends and colleagues can walk, run, or jog in support of this great cause.

The purpose of this event?

To unite individuals from across the valley to help protect, support and empower some of our world's most vulnerable children and provide them with the childhood and future they deserve.

You can make a difference.


We are looking for volunteers to join and contribute their skills and make Stepping for C.A.R.E. a memorable event for all!

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Help C.A.R.E. by creating your own team today!

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The funds you raise will help make our mission a reality!



CARE Organization (Children's Aid and Relief Efforts) is entering our communities where the most vulnerable children are in need. In times of hardship, we are focusing on being the beacon of hope in a child's life. When children feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel, we are there to strengthen them with love, food, clothing, shelter, supplies, and education. We will strive to build up our youth and prevent crisis situations.

CARE Organization formed in Arizona through two best friends who have a special love for children and want to help make a true difference. We are dedicated to creating safe kids and strong families. We partner with children and youth whose potential is at risk to create hope, opportunity, and bright futures. All children should grow up in an atmosphere of love and stability and should be helped to reach their full potential.

CARE Organization's mission is to provide children with a safe environment, free from abuse, neglect, poverty, hunger and illness by creating a strong and successful group of volunteers to help as many children as possible. No child should ever feel unwanted, unloved, or unvalued. Today too many children have to deal with hunger, dirty water, lack of proper clothing, unsafe living environments and much more. We at CARE Organization
help contribute to all children's needs around the world. We do this through prevention, intervention, and education programs designed to support the thousands of children who may be at risk. All of our work centers on our vision of helping children as much as possible.

With that being said, one person can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.



The Care Organization
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