Current Jackpot: $8,500+

Next Drawing: March 24, 2023 at 6:15 p.m. during the fish fry

Please know that next week (3/31) is our spring break at Bishop Noll, and because the following week is Holy Week and we are out on Good Friday, after this Friday's Queen of Hearts drawing, the raffle will take a two-week break and return on Friday, April 14. 

PLEASE NOTE: Raffle tickets may not be purchased online however this site serves to provide the latest information on Bishop Noll's weekly Queen of Hearts drawings.


Drawing will take place on Fridays. If the overall Jackpot grows to $20,000, BNI will move drawings to Sundays at BNI for "raffle drawing events" (11AM-3PM - Time subject to change).

One ticket is $5, and you can buy as many as you wish. Five tickets can be purchased for $20. Tickets can be purchased immediately after one drawing up to 30 minutes prior to the next drawing. Tickets can be purchased via Cash, Check, Debit only. Tickets are sold in the main office during school hours or call (219) 932-9058. 

-ALL players must be 18+ years of age and not a current employee or student of Bishop Noll Institute.
-Only 1 ticket will be drawn randomly each week and that person will win $250, just for being selected. Winner need not be present. When the drawing falls on a holiday, we will freeze the drawing until the following drawing date. Bishop Noll Institute holds the right to modify the drawing schedule for various reasons - holidays, school calendar issues, inclement weather, etc. Any date and/or time change will be announced as early as possible.
-54 playing cards, including two "jokers," are placed face down on a board purchased from a certified gaming vendor; the cards are numbered one (1) through fifty-four (54) and are sealed to the board. If a joker is drawn, that individual will win a total of $500.
-Once a card is selected, it will be turned over with the card face up on the board. If the Queen of Hearts is not selected, the game and jackpot will roll over to the next week. After the drawing, all tickets for that week's drawing will be destroyed. Individuals must reenter the following week to be eligible for the next drawing.
-The total prize pool will continue to accumulate weekly until the QOH is selected. The jackpot amount, based on ticket sales, will be updated and displayed in the BNI Main Office and BNI Social Media. Updates will be made weekly after each drawing on The ticket holder who selects the QOH is the Grand Prize Winner and will be paid 50% of the pot. The other 50% will go to Bishop Noll Institute.
-There can be only be one name per ticket. Write your full name, just as it appears on your driver's license or social security card, telephone number, AND the number of the available card you're requesting. If there are any resulting conflicts the registered owner of the listed phone number will be declared the winner. There will only be payouts made to a single winner.
-If a player does not put a window number on their ticket, and that player's ticket is drawn, the lowest number available will be selected. If a ticket is pulled and it has a number that has already been taken off the board, the next highest available number will be exposed instead. In the event no higher numbers are available the lowest number available will be exposed.
-If drawn ticket is not filled out completely and correctly, or the handwriting is not legible, the BNI QOH committee will make its best effort to confirm the identity of the player. If the player identity cannot be confirmed, the ticket will be thrown out and there will be an automatic rollover. No award money will be distributed.
-The Grand Prize winner will need to confirm his or her identity and SSN number by completing and signing an IRS Form W-2G/1099. Winnings will not be distributed until the tax form has been completed and signed. If a player is unwilling or unable to provide any of the listed items, the prize money will revert to the school. If a player wants to donate his or her winnings to BNI, a tax form still needs to be completed for Indiana Charity Gaming filings.
Indiana Gaming License # 000575

Winners of Queen of Hearts II (Jan. 13 -)
Jan. 13 - Liz B.- $250
Jan. 20 - Joaquin R. - $250
Jan. 27 - Terry W. - $250
Feb. 3 - Jim M. - $250
Feb. 10 - Laura B. - $250
Feb. 17 - Alicia A. - $250
Feb. 24 - Mary C. - $250
March 10 - Justin O. - $250
March 17 - Gloria G. - $250

Winners of Queen of Hearts I (Oct. 21 - Dec. 16)
Oct. 21 - Oscar Q. - $250
Oct. 28 - Laura B. - $250
Nov. 4 - Mary J. - $250
Nov. 11 - Chuck E. - $250
Nov. 18 - Nathan D. - $250
Dec. 2 - K. Bishop - $250
Dec. 9 - Chris K. - $250
Dec. 16 - Renee W. - $2,502

Bishop Noll Institute

Bishop Noll Institute


Bishop Noll Institute, 1519 Hoffman Street, Hammond, IN, USA

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