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Win Win 11
Celebrating Our Good Fortune
Saturday March 11 ~ 3:00 to 7:00pm ~ NIAD Art Center ~ Richmond, CA


Please join us at NIAD Art Center's beloved 11th Annual Fundraiser as we celebrate the generosity of our supporters, the gratitude that helps spotlight all we do together, and the immense luck that means we are ready to realize possibilities that come our way.

Buying a ticket to Win Win 11 is a great way to support accessibility in the arts, join in on a very fun event and celebrate with our creative community!


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Nurturing Independence Through Artistic Development

NIAD Art Center

551 23rd Street, Richmond, CA, USA

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Please join us at NIAD Art Center's beloved Annual Fundraiser!

Win Win honors the generosity of our supporters and expresses our gratitude for all the opportunities you create for us. This event celebrates how immensely lucky we are to be part of a creative and supportive community.

What is Win Win?

Win Win is an auction, a fundraiser, and a party at NIAD Art Center! This event is a fun way to support accessibility in the arts. When you buy a Win Win ticket or bid in the Auctions, you help ensure that a successful career for NIAD artists is attainable. Money raised from Win Win creates opportunities for NIAD artists, builds capacity in our organization, updates our facilities and our land, and ensures NIAD's stability for decades to come.

NIAD Art Center's vision has always been an inclusive community where art makes the individual and their story visible. NIAD's programs promote independence, dignity, and community integration through sustainable careers in the arts for people with disabilities. 


For more information, please visit us at

Thank you for supporting Win Win 11-- and NIAD artists in their very colorful quest to connect, uplift and improve all of our lives!

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