2023 Invest in Indoor

November 01, 2022 - October 31, 2023 12:00 pm

Potential is the mind's right to imagine, the body's right to move, and the soul's right to believe.


WGI believes that potential is every young person's right, every young person's advantage, and every young person's secret weapon. We want every young person to achieve their potential and to be all they can be. 


WGI Sport of the Arts is a charitable organization that has offered leadership, teamwork, and dedication throughout the marching arts for almost 50 years. We are committed to fundraising for all students in color guard, percussion, and winds ensembles to foster their education and performance potential. Thanks to your incredible support over the past few years, WGI is back in full swing at the local, regional, and World Championships levels. Your philanthropic support also brought back our second-ever WGIcon, and we need your help to continue these efforts.


With the help of donors like you, we will continue investing in the future of all three divisions because their potential is limitless. Show your support and invest in competitive performances that bring music to life and turn potential into reality!

Will you help us imagine, move, and turn young people's belief in themselves from potential to reality?

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Please help us make the WGI experience better and more accessible to people than ever before. Your donation will help us bring Power Regionals back and increase our international presence. No act of generosity is too small to make a difference, and we thank you so much in advance for your contribution.

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