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We proudly honored the legacy of
The Inner-City Foundation for Charity & Education


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Chang Park
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For 30 years, The Inner-City Foundation for Charity & Education had a tremendous impact on organizations
in Fairfield County, including the 900+ girls and boys at the Catholic Academy of Bridgeport. 
Throughout its history, The Inner-City Foundation awarded over $10 million to support
the Catholic Academy of Bridgeport, for which we are most grateful. 

Proceeds support need-based scholarships at the Catholic Academy of Bridgeport.

This year, the Catholic Academy of Bridgeport must raise $2.5 million
to provide scholarships to the 93% of its 920 inner-city students who qualify. 

PRIVATE DONATIONS ALONE make this possible.

87% of Academy families live at or below the poverty level.
$40,273 is the mean family income for a student at CAB.

The Inner-City Foundation Board of Directors and Staff throughout the years

Renee Alladin / Teresa M. Ameen / John F. Ball / Digby W. Barrios / Jane Beasley / Stephen E. Bepler / Camille M. Bertram / William H. Besgen / Vincent J. Boyd / William M. Bradt / Rev. Msgr. Laurence R. Bronkiewicz / Barbara B. Buffone / Edward J. Caffrey / Most. Rev. Frank J. Caggiano / Mollie McN. Callagy / Hope E. Carter / Arthur F. Casavant III / Richard Cosnotti / Thomas J. Coughlin / Rev. Msgr. J. Peter Cullen / David F. D'Addario / Pamela Dale / Terri Dawes / James Dillon / Audrey W. Dornier / Rev. Msgr. Jerald A. Doyle / Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Driscoll / Christy Duggan / H.E. Edward Cardinal Egan / Barbara Epifanio / John J. Ferguson / Helen Ix FitzPatrick / William J. Fox / Richard E. Fudge / Dean P. Gestal / Janet S. Gestal / Sidney E. Goodfriend / Thomas M. Graham / Joyce Hergenhan / V. Donald Hersam / Donald F. Houston / Robert B. Jamieson / Donna A. Johnson / Kevin J. Kelleher / Rev. Robert M. Kinnally / Madeline Lacovara / Joan M. Lahey / Joseph C. Lane / Dorothy B. Larson / Leah K. Lebec / E. Chapman LeBlond / Most Rev William E. Lori / Joan G. Maddy / Leonard N. Mainiero / Rosemary Marsden / Christopher G. Martin / Richard J. Matteis / Nancy B. Matthews / Thomas McCarthy / Anne McCrory / John J. McGuinness / William Merritt / Joseph H. Miller III / Joseph H. Miller, Jr. / William E. Mitchell / Brian E. Moran / Sally B. Neff / Lesley S. O'Connell / Melissa W. O'Shaughnessy / Pamela S. Pagnani / William G. Parrett / Jane K. Pelletier / William J. Phelan / Dennis B. Poster / Rev. Msgr. Thomas W. Powers / Desiree A. Ralls-Morrison / Lois Robards / Cheryl Rodriguez / Eddie Rodriguez, Jr. / Mary M. Rooney / Robert Rooney / Geri Roper / John S. Santa / Bruce D. Sargent / Rev. Msgr. William J. Scheyd / James V. Schnurr / Karen B. Schwarz / Sheryl A. Shaughnessey / Robert S. Smith / Harold J. Spitzfaden / Charles P. Stetson / Richard T. Stone / Jeanne G. Terrile / Harold J. Tinkler / Carolyn S. Wiener / Donald Wiesen / Patricia L. Willett / Suzanne W. Wright

"Night Under the Stars" Planning Committee

Marylou Queally Salvati, Chair

Susan Cecere, Jennifer Cieszko, Sheila Clancy, Noelle Debes, Joanne Ecclesine,
Sarita Hanley, Susan Jensen, Sr. Joan Magnetti, rscj, 
Jody Myers, Ann Normile, Kathy O'Hare,
Angela Pohlen, Lauren Queally, Sarah Weber, Lillian Worthley

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Catholic Academy of Bridgeport


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