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 Please join us Saturday, April 1, 2023
for Grazie: A Night In Italy - 
the Kids In Crisis Annual Gala 

Event Co-chairs - Kristen Forlini and Karen Tepper-Bauduin

This year's Gala, Grazie: A Night In Italy will be held on Saturday, April 1, 2023, at Burning Tree Country Club, 120 Perkins Road in Greenwich. Join us at 6:30 PM for a dinner of fine food, fine wine, and fine company - all for the benefit of Fairfield County children in need. 

Grazie: A Night In Italy will be a casually-elegant evening featuring a super silent auction, an exciting live auction, and the food and wine of Italy. All proceeds raised from this event fund the award-winning shelter, counseling, and outreach programs Kids In Crisis provides to Connecticut children in need.

The Kids In Crisis mission is to build healthy communities where children and families thrive through prevention, counseling, and crisis services available 24-hours every day. This effort is now more vital to our communities than ever before. We thank you for your ongoing support, and look forward to seeing you in April!

Gala Committee

Kelly Affinto - Jodi Applegate - Shari Aser - Emily Bajus - Myra Barginear - Helene Barre - Kristen Bayer - Heather Beardsley - Brooke Bohnsack - Amber Boissonneault - Suzanne Cabot - Denise Cacazzone - Jill Carmichael - Alexis Carpenter - Morgan Caspi - Hagar Chemali - Rebecca Cooper - Erica Cuticelli - Marissa Dacruz - Kelly Davis - Mary Kate Donato - Danielle Earls - Ilona Eken - Randi Evelson - Marina Finnerty - Kristen Forlini - Rhiannon Forlini - Asya Geller - Carey Giannetti - Blake Giffin - Lindsey Gurciullo - Lori Gyesky - Lauren Hagerty - Hilary Haroche - Allie Hawes - Christine Hikawa - Catherine Holden - Karen Hopp - Tammy Houston - Emily Hulce - Keren Jozwiak - Jen Kane - Penelope Kassaris - Kellie Kerwin - Ali Knopman - Kate Laverge - Andrea Longo - Iryna Lysogor - Ann Martin - Sean McMurtry - Dominick Miciotta - Tyler Mitchell - Shannon Murphy-Jones - Katie Nogaki - Izabela O'Brien - Raha Odelfelt - Susan Owen - Lauren Patton - Katerina Pergola - Nerlyn Pierson - Alanna Reaves - Allison Rees - Amy Repik - Jessica Reynolds - Kristen Rice - Britton Ruckman - Gina Salese - Christina Settanni - Marsha Shendell - Jami Sherwood - Aviva Smernoff - Jason Smith - Tanya Smith - Leah Smith - Demetra Soterakis - Jennifer Taylor - Brett Tesei - Karen Tepper-Bauduin - Sylvia Thomas - Julia Todd - Melanie Tsangaroulis - Jen Turano - Kelly Vives - Katie Watson - Christina Webber - Michele Wolfram

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Kids In Crisis
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Burning Tree Country Club, Perkins Road, Greenwich, CT, USA

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