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Welcome to the 7th Annual Pecan Harvest!


This time of year, we gather to celebrate the harvest of a staple part of our local sustenance: Pecans! Join American Indians in Texas at the Spanish Colonial Missions on Saturday, December 3, 2022 for an evening of savory pecan-themed food and beverages as we celebrate AIT-SCM's work in Community Engagement, Family Health & Wellness, and Indigenous arts from 6-9 pm at Progreso Hall, 1306 Guadalupe St.


This year, we'll be presenting our annual Mission Heritage Award to Leilah Powell Executive Director of Local Initiatives Support Corporation & Patricia Mejia Vice President of Community Engagement and Impact for the San Antonio Area Foundation.


For 28 years, AIT-SCM has served the San Antonio community through programs such as The San Antonio Fatherhood Campaign and Rites of Passage for youth/parental development, healing generational traumas and building restorative culture. Through our Indigenous Arts programming, AIT-SCM supports the preservation of San Antonio's original inhabitants by reliving important histories of Texas and her people while expanding the educational dialogue around San Antonio-based world-renowned UNESCO heritage sites. You can be a part of AIT-SCM's success in various ways. One of these ways is by making a tax-deductible purchase of tickets to the Pecan Harvest for yourself, your family, or your organization, for just $28 each.


If you are interested in sponsoring the 7th Annual Pecan Harvest or donating to our silent auction and raffle, please contact us at defrancos@aitscm.org or call 210-227-4940


Part of the Family Health & Wellness programming is The San Antonio Fatherhood Campaign. The SAFC draws on the deep cultural heritage of the region, summoning wisdom of ancient indigenous traditions-mask-making; elders as guides; attending to the sacredness of each person to address domestic and family violence. 

A client shared this with us: "I've taken a lot from this class on how to assess the situation differently and how domestic violence affects my children Psychologically and in many ways. I've learned to avoid problems by not speaking my thoughts but controlling them and de-escalating matters that will result in the form of domestic violence. I thank this program  for helping me through this class and will be returning if I ever feel like I'm losing my path to a better future for my kids."


Another client shared; "I'm glad that I was given this opportunity to meet and have the supportive network I got with this program/class. I will incorporate the core values and the four valores throughout my healing and life-changing process. I've been given the gift of guidance, support, understanding, knowledge, and love from Ms. Marylou Mendoza. When I first went thru the incident and started the process, I had a lot of anger and hatred. Now I know that this incident was a blessing in disguise because I've now got a whole network of people willing to help, love, educate, and guide me thru the complete healing process. My favorite motto is LIVE, LOVE, & LAUGH. I'm willing to keep my Palabra for my daughter and myself to continue this positive journey and Conocimiento that we deserve love, freedom, happiness, and peace."

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