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Consider becoming a "Paws"ibility donor by making a recurring donation.

A monthly donation is a great way to double your gift easily by giving smaller amounts spread out over the year. Ex: foregoing 2 cups of gourmet coffee at a total of $10 a month, and giving it instead to the St. Joseph Fund, provides a $120 gift by the end of the year!

Monthly givers provide our students endless "Paws"ibilities!

The St. Joseph Fund is made up of the unrestricted gifts from generous donors to help us expand the hearts while educating the minds of each student that walks through our doors.  It is no secret that there is a gap between the tuition from a St. Joseph student and the cost of educating that student.  The St. Joseph Fund is the account we use to offset those costs.  It helps us provide a wonderful learning environment for our students.  While helping with a variety of operational expenses, the fund has also given wings to the STREAM lab project; provided Smart Boards for the Classrooms; updated the library; and many more projects that help enhance the St. Joseph learning environment.  

More than just a gift, a donation to the St. Joseph Fund is a vote of support for our mission.  We think that is something all of our families can get behind.  Support of families is important for a variety of reasons, one of which, is showing potential grant givers the commitment of our families, friends and the community.  Our goal is always 100% participation by faculty/staff and families.  Won't you show your support today? 

Our energetic and diverse community includes our faculty and staff; parents; students; grandparents; alumni; parents of alumni; alumni who ARE also parents of current students; community members and local businesses.  Much goes in to making St. Joseph Special.  What makes YOU say "I am St. Joseph?" 

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