THANK YOU to our Cornerstone Sponsors! THANK YOU to our Cornerstone Sponsors! Thank You to our PATRON Sponsors! Thank You To Our PATRON Sponsors! Thank You to our CORNERSTONE Sponsors! Thank You To Our CORNERSTONE Sponsors! Thank You To Our CORNERSTONE Sponsors!

Thank you to our AMAZING All Saints Community for the generosity and support you've shown our teachers! Success like this couldn't be reached without each and every one of you. 

$100,000 Goal


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This year’s Fund A Need is to support
additional compensation for the
excellent educators serving the students
of All Saints.

This year’s Fund A Need will be used to build a similar fund that can support ASCA teacher salaries next year and into the future. Such a fund will allow us to maintain and grow our greatest asset, our teachers, so they can continue to partner with you in developing saints and scholars each day!

Thank you in advance for your generous support of All Saints Catholic Academy, this year’s Fund-A-Need, and our faculty. God bless you!

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Cash Calendar



Thursday, February 16th ($50) - Paola Molina                          Saturday, March 4th ($20) - Brad Martin

Friday, February 17th ($20) - Jaime Turza                                Sunday, March 5th ($50) - Henrietta Ybanez

Saturday, February 18th ($20) - Erin Plencner                          Monday, March 6th ($20) - Trena Coffey

Sunday, February 19th ($20) - Mary Gardner                           Tuesday, March 7th ($20) - Patty Bajek

Monday, February 20th ($20) - Cristine Shaw                         Wednesday, March 8th ($100) - Wendy Hendrarti

Tuesday, February 21st ($20) - Chris Gambs                            Thursday, March 9th ($20) - Randy Lewis

Wednesday, February 22nd ($50) - Jen Haidu                         Friday, March 10th ($20) - Fred Schlick

Thursday, February 23rd ($20) - Pat McCarthy                        Saturday, March 11th ($50) - Melissa Wulf

Friday, February 24th ($20) - Jen Haidu                                   Sunday, March 12th ($20) - Lisa Hajek

Saturday, February 25th ($20) - Paige Maurer                         Monday, March 13th ($20) - Chris Gambs  

Sunday, February 26th ($20) - Susan Leegan                          Tuesday, March 14th ($20) - Beth Haney

Monday, February 27th ($20) - Dorothy Wojtowicz                 Wednesday, March 15th ($50) - Jaime Turza

Tuesday, February 28th ($50) - Christopher Johanneson       Thursday, March 16th ($20) - Terri Hannemann



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