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Closes June 11th at 6:00pm CT
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Christensen Genetics is a bovine genetic management firm specializing in improving the profitability of our clients. The ideal fit for each individual cowherd will be different, but Christensen Genetics is unique in its ability to provide specialized genetic management for your cowherd. With genetics tailored to fit specific business models, Christensen Genetics can provide custom-built pregnancies for your entire cowherd each year that are designed to maximize profitability on your ranch. As it comes time to replace females in your cowherd, Christensen Genetics produces the highest quality bred females in both the commercial and registered sectors.



Seller retains right to one flush/collection on pregnancy at seller's expense and buyer's convenience.

Seth Christensen
Owner & Founder
[email protected]


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This Auction has a horse race style finish. Every time someone bids during the last 5 minutes of the auction the clock will extend 5 more minutes until no one bids for an entire 5 minutes. Please note that this countdown duration may be changed without notice during the auction.

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