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Dear La Salle Family and Friends:


On Friday, May 13, 2022, another chapter of La Salle's Annual Crystal Ball continues at the spectacular Noor, located in Old Town Pasadena.  Chaired by Carol Kirland P'22, Jennifer Gowen P'22, and Heather Young P' 14, '17, '21, I am confident we will enjoy another successful event this year.  Based on the buzz created by last year's event, I know that we will not only sell out again but that there will be even more incredible opportunities for patrons to leave with amazing auction items.

This year's theme, Crystal Ball Celebrates "Together We Shine, is sure to pique people's interest and allow guests to dress up and celebrate.

The Annual Crystal Ball is La Salle's primary philanthropic vehicle in support of our ongoing commitment to providing excellent academic, artistic, and athletic programs for all of our students.  Since its inception in 1999, the Crystal Ball has provided over four million dollars in support of program improvements in academics, the arts, and athletics, as well as financial aid.

We count on the generosity of supporters like you who recognize that the accomplishments of our students enrich the community surrounding La Salle as they move onto college and beyond.  Accompanying this letter are a variety of ways in which you can assist the Crystal Ball in its ongoing effort to provide the best possible opportunities for our students to achieve their full potential now and in the future.  Thank you in advance for considering this important opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the young people entrusted to our care.



                                                                                                                                    Perry K. Martin, M.Ed.    

                                                                                                                                    School President

huHonoring Mrs. Gina Zhang 

Board of Regents and Global Programs Advisor

La Salle College Preparatory is excited to announce the return of the school's annual Crystal Ball  Award and Scholarship Dinner, to be held on Friday, May 13, 2022. 

The Crystal Ball Award and Scholarship Dinner serve as La Salle's signature event, dedicated to developing and supporting many of the school's important initiatives and scholarships. This year's theme is "Together We Shine," celebrating La Salle College Preparatory's diverse and inclusive community, the end of the pandemic, and our unity as a school team of parents,  colleagues, faculty, staff, and partners, friends, and family. 

The Crystal Ball also serves as a symbol of the importance of service and giving back to the community. In recognition of her outstanding service and commitment to La Salle College  Preparatory, we are thrilled to share that Mrs. Gina Zhang has been selected as our 2022 Crystal  Ball Honoree. As an extraordinary member of our community, Gina holds a committee leadership position on the Board of Regents, advising the school president on issues of global perspectives, cultural education, and cultural consciousness.  

Gina comes from an immigrant family and knows first-hand the complexities of immigration, the demands of learning a second language, and the difficulty of parental leadership across cultural divides. She works hard at eliminating social and cultural barriers that might keep La Salle families and students from reaching their fullest potential. She's an advocate for developing support systems for all immigrant families so that they can fully participate in school life. 

 Gina was born and raised in the beautiful Inner Mongolia grasslands of China. Her father, a doctor, and her mother, a housewife, taught Gina a great love of service, compassion, and empathy for healing the wounds, hearts, and minds of others. As a doctor, Gina's father showed her what great love and compassion looked like through his medical work healing the wounded, rescuing the dying, and demonstrating empathy for consoling the suffering. At a young age, Gina learned her first lessons of love, compassion, and service to others from her parents as she saw first-hand through their actions the spirit and dedication of serving and helping others. The images of her fortunate childhood remain imprinted in her mind and still guide her actions today. 

As a young girl, Gina was surrounded by the animal husbandry economy and cashmere industry. Gina learned the day-to-day agricultural discipline of caring for animals and livestock and the relationship between caring for animals and the interdependence of feeding a large population of people.


Gina graduated from high school and attended Inner Mongolia University, where she earned a  degree in accounting. After an esteemed accounting career, she joined the Erdos Group - the most significant cashmere processing enterprise globally. It was in the cashmere business where  Gina's talents flourished. She started as a cashier, then quickly became a cost accountant. She eventually played a crucial company leadership role in the quality inspection of all exporting cashmere products. Erdos has become one of China's top 100 private enterprises selling cashmere products worldwide with Gina's hard work. 

In 1994, she and her husband, Tony Gao, established their cashmere processing enterprise and trading company. They later expanded their business to the energy and real estate industry and traveled extensively between China and the United States, developing their businesses. 

In 2015, Gina officially settled in California, accompanied by her two daughters. While her daughters were in school, Gina took English classes at Pasadena City College to improve her  English skills. She even received an accounting certificate from PCC.  

In Chinese culture, there is a unique term called 'Gui-ren,' which means 'saviors' who helped people tremendously in their lives. Gina has been blessed with many 'Gui-ren' who have mentored her in becoming a highly successful immigrant businesswoman. These "Gui-ren" gave her selfless love and support and helped her, along the way, without  

asking anything in return. She believes that it is her responsibility to spread such kindness to all that she meets. She pushes herself to be the 'Gui-ren' of others to make a positive difference in their lives. Since joining the La Salle College Preparatory Board of Regents in 2019,  Gina has supported and led many school initiatives from a leadership  

perspective. Her generosity comes from her grateful heart. Gina has participated in literally hundreds of Lasalle school activities to support Lasalle students. Her extensive business background offers wise advice to fellow board members and administration regarding the evolution and growth of La Salle College Preparatory as a school.  

She believes that all people should be able to participate in school life and social events, helping to develop community, friendship, and lasting relationships, leading to a better life. Gina's self motto states, "in helping others, we shall help ourselves." Through her selfless actions, she has touched many lives. In her words, "The circle of life and the good things we do for others will  always come back to bless us." 

Gina exemplifies La Salle College Preparatory's motto of Learn, Serve, Lead in all areas of her life. We are very grateful for her leadership and actions in supporting those most in need!


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Internal School Security and Safety

A safe learning environment is essential for our students and employees. Without it, they cannot focus on teaching and learning and the skills needed for a successful education and future. In 2019, La Salle College Preparatory took the first step to develop and enhance the school perimeter with key fobs and surveillance cameras. It's now time to focus on the internal aspect of safety and security regarding interior classroom doors. 70% of our classroom and office doors are still the original wooden doors of the school. These doors have ancient locking mechanisms, making it very difficult for teachers to lock their doors quickly if a security breach were to happen. Metal doors and electronic keys (automatic locking) are needed to create a safe environment. The cost of this upgrade is over $200,000. Thank you for giving generously to this second phase of our school security plan. We are incredibly grateful.

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