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Ankony "Only the Tops" Online Auction
Closes September 30th at 7:00pm ET
Text ANKONY to 76278

See all Catalog as an Insert in the September Angus Journal - Or View Here

Lee Leachman (970) 219-8519 (Mb)
Virgil Lovell (706) 754-6000 (Of)

Jason Barber 817/718-5821

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If you have any questions or need help registering and/or bidding call (937) 733-6000 or e-mail SmartAuctions at [email protected].


**For most accurate countdown clock, please refresh page periodically.** 

SmartAuctions will invoice all buyers and release the lot after payment is received. A credit/debit card will be required ONLY to verify identity of bidders, but you will not be charged for your purchases on your card UNLESS you specifically choose that option or you have not paid for your purchases prior to 30 days after the auction closes. Your credit card will be charged if payment has not been received within 30 days after purchase or arrangements have not been communicated. If you pay with a card you will be charged a 5% transaction fee. If you pay by check after receiving an invoice via e-mail from SmartAuctions the 5% transaction fee is automatically waived.

How To Bid

  1. To place a bid and/or view the videos and lot details, click on the individual lot from the ALL ITEMS web page.
  2. The first time you click on an individual lot it will show a "REGISTER NOW" tab along with a "Sign In" tab right below it. Select the appropriate tab and input your information.
  3. Once you have placed a bid you will immediately receive confirmation via a text message regardless of whether you bid over a traditional computer, a tablet or a smart phone. You will also receive a text message when you have been outbid. If you have opted out of receiving text messages from any SmartAuctions sale in the past, but wish to opt back in to receive text messages for this sale then text "Ankony" to 76278 and follow the prompts.

Helpful Information Regarding The Auction:

This is a racehorse style auction and finish. A racehorse style auction is a timed auction that has no sale order and closes every lot at the same time. Once the auction reaches 7:00 pm ET on Thursday, September 30th there will be 5 minutes left on the clock. If nobody bids in this time frame the auction closes and each lot sells to the highest bidder for that particular lot. If somebody does bid in this 5 minute time frame then the clock resets to 5 minutes and counts down again. This process will continue until no other bids are placed and the clock reaches zero. This approach eliminates the need for a sale order and allows customers the opportunity to select another lot once the lot they have been bidding on is beyond their limit.

Should I wait until the last second to bid? No!! Your countdown timer is an estimate and may not match exactly with the auction server. If you wait until the last second to bid you run the risk of your countdown clock being off by a few seconds and the auction closing before you place your bid.

Will the sale refresh automatically? Yes. If you are watching the auction on a smart phone and leave your web browser (such as to take a call) you will most likely need to refresh when you first return to the webpage. If ever in doubt on any device go ahead and refresh.  When you are on a weak wifi connection you will need to refresh your page to keep countdown clock accurate.

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