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Meinders Stock Farms Fall Female Sale
Closes October 16th at 7:00pm CT
Text MEINDERS to 76278

Welcome to the 2021 Meinders Stock Farms Fall Female Sale. Sale includes Bred Heifers, Bred Cows, as well as Embryos and Semen. We raise multiple breeds including Angus, Charolais, South Devon, Simmental, and Stabilizers and they are all represented in this sale.

We are Leachman Cattle of Colorado Cooperators and that is where we market all our bulls. We are currently selling about 75 per year through them. The genetics offered in this sale are of that same quality and many of the females have had maternal sibs that have been high selling bulls at Leachman. These females are all bred to elite AI sires and the resulting calves will move you herd in the right direction in a hurry.

Throughout the sale we will highlight individual's breed epds as well as their Leachman index, which include $Profit and $Ranch. $Profit is the best index in the industry and is an extremely helpful tool when sorting cattle. Currently, the average $Profit in the industry is $7012 and the top 1% would be $22000 and above. Lot 1 and Lot 7 are both above and beyond the top 1%. Six of the seven embryo lots have projected epds in the top 1% with the best being over $27000! Rare air.

We will offer the following incentives to help you with your purchases:

  • Free trucking within 250 miles.
  • Free nationwide trucking on individual purchases over $5000.
  • Free nationwide trucking on total purchases over $10000.
  • Young Producer discount! 5% off total purchases for everyone 21 and younger.
  • Calf Buy Back! We will pay $100 premium over market price for the resulting calves raised by the bred cows selling. Bull or heifer calves. (Adjusted 205 day weaning weight must be 550 or greater)
  • Please come take a look at the offing before the sale! We would be glad to show you around and talk cattle!

Contact info
Zach Meinders
[email protected]

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