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Hill Haven Selection Sale
Closes October 11th at 7:00pm ET
Text HILLHAVEN to 76278

Welcome to Hill Haven's Online Female Sale. Since 2011 we have held a semi-annual female sale at the farm until last year. 2020 was our first online sale due to our concerns for everyone's health and safety during the pandemic. Although it was not an in person, on farm auction, as much or more effort on our part was put into the selection and presentation of the offerings and happily, many came to our open houses on the lawn and the sale enthusiasm was evident thanks to our many new and repeat customers.

This Fall again, we are inviting you to view our online sale selection and if at all possible, we hope you will once again join us on the lawn for our open houses to see the cattle . These are trying times for all of us as we make our health and wellbeing and that of our family and friends top priority. But Hill Haven has not let that slow us down one bit. Our pursuit of breeding the ultimate maternal, functional, show worthy female is stronger than ever. This year we are delighted to be offering a couple of females from our newest star donor Lily cow family which has us very excited. Everyone however, will still see several offerings from our eternally "number one" cow family - the Sierras, Breathless', Breathtakers' and Breathtakens' whose progeny just keep getting better every year. Of course, our bull, Hill Haven FireStorm, possibly Breathtaker's all time crowning achievement is very well represented in the offerings as sire, grandsire and service sire to almost half of the lots.

We are especially appreciative of our consignors, the Den Haans, the Scotts, Chad Homer, John Dolliver and Shannon Giffen whose animals fit in so well at Hill Haven.

Thank you for your continued interest in our program and sale and we wish everyone a safe, healthy Fall.  Please join us for an open house this Sunday from 10a-5p and Monday (Sale Day) from 10a-3p.

Dale Asser - 705-444-9403
Matthew Hargrave - 519-378-5508
Andrew Den Haan - 705-440-6010
Jeff Scott - 519-949-1124
Chad Homer-519-339-9659
John Doliver-403-741-5629
Darnell Fornwald - 403-795-8030
Jim Murray - 705-323-2813

Buyer Contact to Receive Purchase
Matthew Hargrave 519-378-5508

All prices are in Canadian Funds
The exchange rate will be confirmed on the day bids open, October 7,2021

Jessy Milne-Smith
[email protected]

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**For most accurate countdown clock, please refresh page periodically.
This Auction has a horse race style finish. Every time someone bids during the last 5 minutes of the auction the clock will extend 5 more minutes until no one bids for an entire 5 minutes. Please note that this countdown duration may be changed without notice during the auction.

All CHQs payable to Dale Asser.


  • Performance Data: EPDs on all lots can be found on CSA Digital Beef by clicking pedigree on each lot

  • Sale Lot Information: Canadian Shorthorn Association (CSA) registration numbers are listed on all lots as well as the percentage for the CSA appendix registry .

  • Terms of Sale: All sales will be billed and mailed or emailed to the buyer and are due within 10 days following receipt of invoice.

  • Exchange Rate: The US$ is worth approximately 20% more than the Canadian $ ; example $6000 purchase price in Canadian $ = approximately $4500 in US $. The exchange rate will be confirmed on the day bids open, October 7,2021

  • Breeding and Health: All sale cattle are sound and in good health. All sale animals as well as all Hill Haven and Consignors respective herds of cattle are on annual vaccination and parasite control programs.  All cattle sell under the standard breeding guarantee as endorsed by the CSA and the ASA. The sellers request that any female sold as open who fails to conceive to a bull should be reported to the seller before that female reaches 18 months of age.  All females sold as bred have been pregnancy checked and declared by a veterinarian to be safe in calf and a veterinarian's certificate will be available.

  • Genetic Conditions: All cattle offered by Hill Haven Farm are THF, PHAF and DSF and they have no known or probable myostatin positive offerings.

  • Canadian Delivery: At the buyer's request, the seller will make arrangements to have cattle delivered to all points across Canada at the buyer's expense.

  • Us Shipments: All health documents and border documentation required for the export of animals to the US will be provided by the seller at no cost to the buyer; At the buyer's request, the seller will make trucking arrangements to the US at the buyers cost.

  • Liability and Insurance: Each animal becomes the risk of the buyer as soon as sold; purchased animals will be well cared for by the seller for a reasonable amount of time to be mutually agreed; It is advised that the buyer purchases full insurance for the value of the animal ; insurance information is available from the sellers.  Neither the owners, employees or sale personnel can be responsible for accidents but they will make every effort to provide for the safety and comfort of the animals and those attending open houses.

  • Registration, Transfers & Certificate Of Registry: All sale lots will be transferred to the new owner as directed and the appropriate CSA certificate will be issued for each animal in a timely manner; Sellers will assist US buyers with the registration of animals with the ASA.

  • Flush Rights: Hill Haven Farm reserves the right to one successful flush of 6 or more embryos on all Hill Haven consigned females in the sale at their expense and at the buyer's convenience.

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