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The George4 Foundation has partnered with Capstone Green Energy and NEFT Vodka to bring you DRIVING FOR CHANGE! The event will be held at RISÜ and raising funds to support the George4 Foundation 2022 Grant Fund. The event will include a live band and silent auction!! Premium food and beverages are included with ticket purchases. 


The George 4 Foundation is focused on improving the lives of our youth. Though based in Indianapolis, the George4 Foundation seeks to support families nationwide through relationships with established nonprofit organizations in other states, specifically supporting other nonprofits that target the needs of youth within our 4 pillars: 


  1. Food Security: No child should have to question where their next meal is coming from. By working with organizations like Gleaners Food Bank, a pillar member of Feeding America, we are working towards closing the hunger gap and guaranteeing no innocent child in our community goes hungry.
  2. Human Rights: Equality and safety are among some of the most basic human rights, yet are often not afforded to many of our brothers and sisters. We are determined to bring an end to the violation of these rights. From racism and gender inequality to child abuse and human trafficking, it is our duty to stand up for those whose rights are being inhumanely violated.
  3. Education: Every child deserves the right to an education. At the George4 Foundation, we are passionate about ensuring our youth receive a quality education in a loving and nurturing environment, regardless of their social or economic position.
  4. Pediatric Health: Pediatric health and medical research is a vastly underfunded field. Our goal is to ensure every child has access to quality health care, and medical researchers have the access and funding they need to discover life-saving medications, therapies, and surgical techniques.

 By supporting the George4 Foundation, you are helping to feed, educate, shelter, and support children across the U.S. 

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RIS 207 E Seaside Way, STE A Long Beach, Ca 90802

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