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Join us for the CAPS Annual Meeting at the Every Child Matters Fundraising Banquet on Tuesday, September 28, 2021 at 5:30 pm at Tony's Pizza Events Center.

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Dominic Carter

Dominic Carter: Political Commentator, Author and Survivor.


Dominic Carter is a nationally known political commentator, but he believed his life-long secrets were so horrendous and embarrassing that he would take them to his grave, vowing to never reveal them.  Oprah Winfrey in her magazine has told Dominic's heart-wrenching journey as a victim of childhood sexual abuse by his mother.

Dominic is a one-time foster child. He grew up poor, and fatherless in New York City's notorious South Bronx housing projects.  His grandfather was a heroin addict, and his mother was diagnosed a "Chronic Paranoid Schizophrenic," who had been in and out of state psychiatric institutions for years. His biological mother not only physically & sexually abused her son, but it's fully documented in her psychiatric records that his mother heard voices tell her to throw him out the window at age two. Carter has lived a life of tremendous highs and devastating lows.

Dominic's upbringing was the flip side of the American dream, and yet he went on to be the first one in his family to attend college.  Dominic Carter has been described as one of the best political commentators in New York today. A fixture in the industry for the last 35 years, currently working as an on-air host at WABC Radio in New York. As a journalist, Dominic has traveled the globe to Israel, the Persian Gulf, Japan, and Somalia.

Carter also released a book on his life, No Momma's Boy, in which he chronicles his triumphant struggle to overcome his mother's mental illness and being a victim of childhood sexual abuse.  Dominic has interviewed the likes of former President Donald Trump, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Nelson Mandela of South Africa.

Dominic strongly feels that professionals that help children are "Angels on Earth," and those that donate financially to groups like CAPS here in Salina are "a voice for the voiceless."

Dominic thanks you from the bottom of his heart, and is so deeply honored to join the Every Child Matters banquet. 



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Tony's Pizza Events Center, The Midway, Salina, KS, USA

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