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The Tiffany Circle Summit is a national event in which women investing $10,000 or more in the mission will attend. In addition, we hope women interested in the Red Cross mission will tune in and learn!

The 2021 Tiffany Circle Virtual Summit offers extraordinary opportunities to learn more about the work of the Red Cross and the significant achievements of the Tiffany Circle that help fuel our lifesaving mission. We encourage you to take full advantage of the program over the next two days: engage, learn and take away best practices to enrich your local Tiffany Circle. We hope you'll feel proud and inspired by the positive impact our collective group makes in the world. 

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Blood Saves Lives: Fighting Cancer

During the Summit, you will be invited to unite your compassion into action to help people fighting cancer. With a collective investment of $600,000, the Tiffany Circle will purchase 10 specialized platelet collection Amicus machines, which will help advance this vital work. If you wish to make a pre-investment in this work in advance of the Summit, you may do so here or though your local Relationship Manager.


If you prefer not to put this meaningful gift on your credit card, please pledge a gift below and a Red Cross Relationship Manager will reach out to you within 72 hours to confirm your pledge.

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