This was an extraordinary year. IKAR rose to the challenge by engaging us from home via online services, minyanim, and learning. If any of us ever doubted the motivation of our community to organize, we each can be sure that not even a global pandemic can stop us. IKAR gave us hope and connection to one another even when we could not physically gather because we believed in keeping our community and other communities as safe as possible. Our national effort to develop a spiritual road map for soulful, multi-faith justice work, has become an international effort.

 Party With Purpose, IKAR's Annual Fundraiser, is our largest event of the year celebrating IKAR's contributions to our community. We would be grateful if you would consider being a sponsor or donating to this event so we can continue our holy work for our community and beyond.


Recording to IKAR's Annual Fundraiser: Party with Purpose

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Thank you to our sponsors for supporting our holy work

Be Someone's Gold Lining

Marta Kauffman

Be Someone's Silver Lining

Ellen Hoffman | Joanne and Joel Mogy

Be Someone's Bronze Lining

1st Century Bank | Karim Abay and Todd Harvey | Mark Borman and Karen Hermelin | Steve Byrnes and James Mandelbaum | Lisa and Maury Friedman | David Goldberg | Karen and Jeff Hogan | Daniel Inlender | Marty Longbine and Jeff Ayeroff | Mark Taylor and Barbara Dalton-Taylor

Thank you to our sponsors for supporting our holy work (cont.)

Be Someone's Rainbow

Melissa Balaban and Adam Wergeles | Ellen Bronfman Hauptman and Andrew Hauptman | Marcia and Rick Brous | Rabbi Sharon Brous and David Light | Lorne Buchman and Rochelle Shapell | Dr. Vivian Feintech and Allen Greenfield | Sarah Goldfinger | Abner and Roslyn Goldstine | Ethan Goldstine and Lirona Kadosh | Eric Kranzler | Zachary and Hannah Lainer | Elizabeth Naftali | Shari and Shep Rosenman | Gwen and Jeremy Rosenthal | Michelle Rosenthal and Isaac Klausner | Richard and Ellen Sandler | Rachel Waranch and Jason Feuerstein | Ian Wiener

Be Someone's Herb Garden

Michael and Sarah Ellenberg | Anne Germanacos | Samara Hutman | Bryna Harwood and Sidney Manansala | Luis and Lee Lainer | Annie and Jonathan Marquit | Dr. Annette and Rabbi Mel Gottlieb | Alisa and Peter Reich | Dara Resnik | Sallie Weaver

Be Someone's Air Hug

Anonymous | Carrie and Bruce Anders | Lauren and Aaron Applebaum | Rabbi Bradley and Elana Artson | Barbara Balaban | Howard Brenner | Scott Minkow and Bill Deliman | Dalia Dassa and David Kaye | David Bubis and Elizabeth Holtzman | Kitt and Yoni Fife | Lorin and Linda Fife | Doris and Jeffrey Goldstein | Janet Halbert | Sean Hecht and Rebecca Weiker | Ada and Jim Horwich | Emily Jaffe and Dan Shotz | Aviva and Aric Kadosh | Todd Kessler and Sharon Hall | Mo and Lauren Langer | Dr. Hope Levin and David Taylor | Rosa Lowinger and Todd Kessler | Rabbi Joe Menashe and Deborah Musher | Dan and Deena Messinger | Practically Perfect | Tzivia Schwartz-Getzug and Steve Getzug | Jay Silverstein and Tamar Laks | Dave Weinberg | Gosia and Adam Weiss | Rabbi Barbara Zacky

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