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 Starting at just $50, you have the chance to cook alongside one of the best chefs in the land, and support a great cause at the same time. Don't miss this opportunity; we're so excited to see you!!



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Chair the Love Raffle

With the purchase of a raffle ticket, you are entered to win free round-trip transportation to a wheelchair distribution of your choice...

In 2021, Chair the Love is planning to travel to Jamaica, Grand Bahamas, Mexico, Portugal, and beyond. We want YOU to travel with us and see the impact of your support so please, don't miss this chance to have all travel expenses paid on the trip of a lifetime! 

The winner will be selected during the National Cuisine for the Cause on July 8th, and if you are unable to attend the event, we will notify the winner after the event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chair The Love?

Chair the Love is a licensed non-profit organization (501c3) focused on providing equipment and services to people with mobility issues assisting them with regaining their independence. We have provided over 6,000 wheelchairs to those in need worldwide, built wheelchair ramps for people, and provided local schools with mobility devices for their clinics. We have worked with other disability-focused organizations in order to improve the life of those with mobility issues locally.  More information can be found at

What happens after I buy a ticket?

When you buy a ticket at any level, your place is immediately booked for a thrilling evening of cooking with Chef Ben! Leading up to the event, we will send you the list of ingredients and the recipe, along with any necessary preparation steps so that you can be ready to join us on July 8th for a delicious evening!

How much preparation is necessary prior to the event?

All that is required from you is a minor amount of food prep prior to the event itself. We will email you with instructions and a list of necessary cooking utensils so that even the most novice chef can be ready to cook along with us during the event.

How will I join the event on July 8th?

When you purchase a ticket, we add your name to the list of attendees and during the week leading up to the event, we will email a Zoom link to everyone who has purchased a ticket so that they can join us virtually.

How does the raffle work?

When you purchase a raffle ticket, your name is put into an online name generator. If you purchase multiple tickets, your name is entered multiple times, increasing your chances of winning our exciting prize! When the raffle closes, we initiate the draw process and one name is chosen from the list-maybe yours! If you are chosen, we will announce your name during the event, as well as emailing you afterwards with more information about how you can claim your prize.

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Chair The Love

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