Memorialize a Loved One


Honor your loved one with a tree at Horizon's Memorial Grove, located on the grounds of the Kathy Hospice in West Bend, WI. Each tree will come with a personalized plaque.


The Butterfly Garden will be an official Monarch Waystation to help provide food and habitat for the struggling Monarch butterfly population. With your help, we will establish this garden in 2025,.


Tree orders must be received by October 7, 2024 to be planted in the 2024 season.




  • Contact the Development Department at: 414-586-8341 or 414-586-8346 or email
  • Volunteer Opportunities Available: 414-586-8332 or email


Horizon Home Care & Hospice

The Grounds of Kathy Hospice

Kathy Hospice, Hospital Campus, West Bend, WI, USA

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