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B4L Angus Bull Sale
Closes Race Horse Style April 28, 2021 3:00 pm CT
Text B4L to 76278

 Cody and Christi Drager of B4L Angus run 80-100 Angus cows west of Muleshoe, TX. B4L Angus originated in 2009 with the purchase of 10 embryo calves from a calf raiser after the owner dispersed.  They expanded in 2013 with the purchase of the fall calving herd from Spruce Mountain.  They have been a closed herd until 2017, with the exception of bull sales.  They along with their two sons, Mason and Jackson, primarily utilize AI and ET in their breeding program.  This allows them to use the best genetics available to build their herd as they see fit, which is as follows:

Here at B4L Angus we focus on performance related to the economical phases of cattle production.  Primarily, cattle are worth the most at weaning and harvest.  Therefore we focus heavily on Weaning Weights and Carcass Weights in our herd.  More pounds at these times equal more money in our pockets.  Also, the largest input cost in any program is cow feed cost.  Larger cows eat more feed.  And so, we focus highly on $EN and mature cow size as well.  We also want our cattle to be nice to look at, so we select for phenotype when choosing whether a cow will be a donor,  AI'd or a recipient.  This allows us to produce stout, rugged bulls that have dimension and shape.  B4L Angus strives to produce cattle that grow rapidly to an endpoint and shut shown.  We feel we are doing just that. 

Cody and his family have developed a cow herd built for this part of the country.

*Guarantees and delivery negotiable by bull.  Contact seller for more information.

Contact with questions on bulls: Cody Drager: (806) 778-6166 - [email protected]

AAA Rep Radale Tiner: (979) 492-2663


Jason Barber 817/718-5821


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