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2021 Spring Appeal


How lovely it is to see Spring is making its way into our neck of the woods and showing signs of hope and renewal. I believe we all need that, and it is encouraging.


Without interruption, FCS has been caring for our community. Our commitment remains focused on providing services with a standard of excellence and steeped in compassion. With the support of donors like you, FCS has been able to ensure that those we serve are able to remain safely in their own homes, receive the education they need to stay healthy and informed, and stay connected to help alleviate social isolation. It is an honor to share with you two of the many examples of work that you support. 


James is 95 years old and lives alone in senior housing. His daughters used to visit him regularly, but since the quarantine, visitors have been restricted to protect residents. Other than delivering groceries to James' building, it became difficult for his daughters to help him with other needs. Through the agency's JACC (Jersey Assistance for Community Caregiving) program, James has been able to get special medical equipment and supplies, such as adult diapers, a heating pad for his legs, and a hearing amplifier. His FCS social worker connected him with our new Telefriends program, which partners volunteer callers with individuals, like James, who are isolated in their homes due to age or disability, for weekly telephone conversations. This helps relieve some of James' loneliness, for which he and his daughters are grateful.


The quarantine has had a profound effect on those who are at-risk of domestic violence and abuse. Such is the case with Pat, an APS (Adult Protective Services) client whose chronic illness and disability makes it hard for her to walk or care for herself without help. After a referral to our program and investigation, abuse and neglect was substantiated. Our APS program was able to intervene and de-escalate the situation, document the abuse that Pat had endured for 11 years, and eventually find her safe housing, where she lives today with her dog. APS also helped her achieve long-term financial independence and get counseling that will help her avoid the cycle of domestic violence.


What a tremendous sense of pride, knowing you play an essential part in the impact FCS has on over 10,000 individuals and families in our community each year. Please consider continuing that critically needed support and make a gift to FCS, which will further our reach and put our mission into action each and every day. 



Colleen Verriest, LCSW



Family and Children's Service Monmouth County


191 Bath Avenue, Long Branch, NJ, USA

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