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Event Details!

Join Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Rochester on Saturday, June 12th at Radio Social for our first ever Cornhole for Kids' Sake event!! 


Come enjoy an afternoon of cornhole, music, raffles and access to Radio Social's back patio, restaurant and bar. 


Early Bird pricing of $70/team or $35/individual player gets you an afternoon of cornhole, music, raffles and access to Radio Social's back patio, restaurant and bar - and the first drink is on us!

Spectators welcome with a $10 donation.

On May 15th, registration increases to $90/team or $45/individual player.


The tournament is capped at 32 teams, so space is limited. Individual players will be paired up at random. All skill levels are welcome!

Registration and check-in begins at 1:00pm and the first bags fly promptly at 2:00pm. Teams will be entered into a round robin game followed by a double elimination tournament. guaranteeing at least three rounds of play. 


Funds raised by this event will support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth in Monroe, Wayne, Ontario and Yates counties.

COVID Guidelines

Radio Social has generously donated the use of their backyard and patio. Please abide by the following guidelines:

  • Have photo ID ready to present at the front desk. This will be recorded for contact tracing purposes.
  • Temperature check upon entering.
  • If you are fully vaccinated (two weeks post second shot) you may opt to be maskless. 
  • If you are not vaccinated, you are required to wear a mask when not seated to eat or drink.
  • You will not be required to show proof of vaccination, but Radio Social asks that you abide by the honor system to protect their staff and patrons. 

Tournament Details

We will be following American Cornhole League rules and scoring: 


  • Two boards are placed 27' apart facing each other
  • Two teams of 2 individuals will be competing against each other
  • Teammates stand directly across from each other at opposite boards. Your competitor stands on the opposite side of the board you are standing next to.


  • Teams will flip a coin. The winner will choose one of the following: to throw first, where they stand on the court, or which opponent they wish to throw against. Then, the losing team will get to choose between the two remaining options. The winning team will then get the choice for the final option.
  • Teams will play one game at a time, the first team to or beyond 21 points is the winner.
  • For the Round Robin portion, teams can score and record up to 25 points.
  • For the tournament portion, teams can score and record up to 21 points.
  • Play starts at one end of the court, with the two players of opposite teams tossing bags at the board, one at a time, alternating shots. All shots must be released with the player's plant foot behind the front edge of the board.
  • Bags that land on the board are worth 1 point, bags that go in the hole are worth 3 points. Bags that do not land on the board are worth 0 points.
  • Cancelation scoring is in place (i.e. if Team A has 2 bags on (2 points) and 1 bag in (3 points for a total of 5), and Team B has 3 bags on (3 points), then Team A scores 2 points (5-3=2)
  • The team that scores points starts the next round throwing first. If no points are scored, then the team that scored last throws first.
  • Bags that hit the ground are immediately dead. Bags cannot bounce onto the board, nor can they hang off the board and touch the ground. If a bag that is out of play is on the board, it should be removed before the next bag is thrown. All bags that land short of the board should be removed before the next bag is thrown.
  • After all bags have been thrown, all bags must come to rest for at least 3 seconds before they are counted for points. Players are not permitted to touch any bags until all bags come to a complete stop.
  • At the players request, the board they are throwing at can be adjusted for straightness. This may occur before the first bag is thrown by either player. After the first bag is thrown, no board adjustments are permitted.


Round Robin gameplay:

  • Teams will be grouped into Pools. Each team will play a single game to 21 (up to 25 points can be scored) against each of the other teams in their group. Teams will be ranked in their group based on Win/Loss record, then point differential.
  • Based on performance, the teams will be placed into Competitive and Social tournaments.


Tournament gameplay:

  • Teams will play a double-elimination single game match tournament.


Team Name Contest -

Enter your team name in the "Company or Group" field. The winner will be voted on during the event, so get creative to win over the crowd! 


Tournament Play - 

First Place - A set of custom made Big Brothers Big Sisters cornhole boards 

Second and Third Place - To be announced

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Rochester
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20 Carlson Road, Rochester, NY, USA

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