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Founded in 2001, fresh stART, the semi-annual fundraising event of the McCall Family Foundation, is an art exhibition and sale with two distinct goals. Our primary goal is to fund programs that provide arts-related therapies to children in underserved communities in Los Angeles. Secondly, fresh stART strives to stimulate the arts by providing potential collectors with a personal connection to both established and emerging artists, returning a portion of all sales to our participating artists.

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Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA)
HOLA's Visual Arts Program provides quality programming to youth who have little or no access to such classes inside or outside of school. HOLA's visual arts curriculum is designed and delivered by innovative teaching artists, college professors and passionate volunteer artists who combine their efforts to provide intensive arts education for underserved youth. With the onset of COVID-19, the work of HOLA Visual Arts has become more critical than ever by creating a sense of connection, belonging and positive expression during a time of uncertainty and turmoil. HOLA is providing more than a dozen weekly virtual art classes, a monthly Art Club, virtual field trips to museums around the city, academic tutoring, family case management and connection to basic resources. FRESH START's donation to HOLA will help underwrite these important services for young people across Los Angeles. Every $100 raised will help HOLA provide an art kit and several hours of professional teaching artist time to a participating student. Now more than ever, HOLA's belief that art can be a powerful agent of social change is deserving of our support. 

Facilities: HOLA's Visual Arts Program is located in the historic Wilshire Royale building. The space houses an extensive art library, media lab and three studios and boasts large street-side windows, providing ample opportunity for the students to connect to the community.

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Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA)
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HOLA Visual Arts, Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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