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Hill Haven Shorthorns Maternally Charged Bull Sale
Closes March 13th at 7:00pm ET
Text HILLHAVEN to 76278

Welcome to first annual "Maternally Charged" Bull sale. The bulls in the offering come from some of the most proven cow Families in the shorthorn breed and sired by sought after bulls. There are also 4 outstanding females in the sale that will go on to be extremely productive cows. We have only kept back the best bulls of the calf crops from each consignor with it in mind that if the bull isn't good enough for our own cows then they wouldn't be good enough for you. If you have any questions on the bulls feel free to contact any of the consignors or sales rep.

Bulls have all passed there breeding soundness elevation and are ready to go to work for there new owners.

All Hill Haven lots TH PHA DS free and there are no known myostatin positives.

Dale Asser - 705-444-9403
Matthew Hargrave - 519-378-5508
Andrew Den Haan - 705-440-6010
Jeff Scott - 519-949-1124

Buyer Contact to Receive Purchase
Matthew Hargrave 519-378-5508

All prices are in Canadian Funds
Exchange rate is 80 cents on the dollar. $10,000 Canadian costs you $8,000 American

Jessy Milne-Smith

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This Auction has a horse race style finish. Every time someone bids during the last 5 minutes of the auction the clock will extend 5 more minutes until no one bids for an entire 5 minutes. Please note that this countdown duration may be changed without notice during the auction.

All CHQs payable to Dale Asser.

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