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About LACHSA Foundation
The non-profit LACHSA Foundation ensures that the most remarkable student artists in Los Angeles County are able to engage in a transformative conservatory incubator, regardless of their backgrounds. Each year, the Foundation works to entirely fund the actual costs of the arts curriculum and programs by cultivating relationships with a broad base of donors who recognize the value of supporting young artists destined to change the world.

Founded 35 years ago in the creative capital of Los Angeles, the LA County High School for the Arts (LACHSA)  is the #1 arts high school in the country for student artists whose undeniable talent and fearless voices change the world. LACHSA students come from every part of Los Angeles County and exemplify its wide-ranging diversity.

LACHSA is a conservatory-style incubator in dance, music, theatre, visual arts, and cinematic arts, that nurtures and mentors its students in transformational ways. Working with professional teaching artists to sharpen their critical thinking and strengthen their skills, LACHSA students develop the confidence to courageously share their art with the world. They go on to attend top colleges and arts conservatory programs and establish themselves as leaders in their chosen fields of art or study. Without exception, LACHSA students become the significant artists and individuals they were always meant to be.

The world takes notice of our artists because LACHSA students were born to create.

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