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One of the definitions of a Kaleidoscope is a constantly changing pattern or sequence of objects or elements. A kaleidoscope is made up of many assorted colors, sizes, and pieces, which come together to create something wonderful. Different from any other thing. As it changes and grows, it continues to reimagine itself.

That is Bishop Timon - St. Jude High School. We are like a kaleidoscope, containing people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, colors, and religions, each bringing our unique piece to create our beautiful distinctly Timon Kaleidoscope.

Please join us on Saturday February 18, 2023, when we celebrate the future of Bishop Timon - St. Jude High School. All proceeds from our event, benefit our students through the Fr. Joel Campbell Scholarship.

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Bishop Timon - St. Jude

Bishop Timon-St Jude High School
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The Foundry Suites

1738 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY, USA

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