Journey House Annual Appeal 2020

October 30, 2020 - December 31, 2020

Milwaukee, WI, USA

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Journey House Scholar Leaders Visit Washington DC

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Special Edition:

Wisconsin's Legendary Sports Anchor Tom Pipines discusses

Journey House's Mission

with CEO Dr. Bria and Deputy Director Charles Brown (October 2020)

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Wisconsin Sports Stream - Tom Pipines Inteview with CEO Dr. Bria and Deputy Director Coach Brown 



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Annual Appeal 2020

Journey House has worked hard to build and sustain our programming at our Journey House Center, Journey House Packers Football Stadium, Campus Housing, and our newest addition: Journey House Felix Mantilla Little League Baseball Complex at Baran Park. If your circumstances permit, please consider an investment in Journey House to support our adult education, youth development, workforce readiness, and neighborhood enrichment programs.
COVID-19 Pandemic Response
During these unprecedented times of COVID-19 pandemic, in March, Journey House made the heavy lift to online services with the exception of our critical essential services and campus housing. Unfortunately, Journey House's community, which we serve (53204 and 53215) represents the largest "hot spot" in state with over 32% of confirmed COVID positive cases. This is devastating to our youth and families in multiple ways.

However, silver-lining moments due exist in 2020!

  • Our online 2020 English Language Learning and GED programs had three-times more students.
  • We continue to train our residents for the new workforce, offer job placement into full-time employment, provide financial coaching, and distribute emergency assistance grants.
  • Our High School Scholar Leaders were engaged in a variety of virtual mentoring, education, dance, and fitness programs, even connecting with our alumni across the country and world!

We need more help as we prepare our children and families for online learning and workforce/career pathway changes to develop our workforce and economy.

Changing the Game and History of Families for Generations
At Journey House, we firmly believe that every human being has infinite possibilities to be whoever they want to be. Anything is possible through effort (hard work) plus time (patience) plus belief (in the possibility). We are 100% committed to protecting and advancing our most vulnerable populations, especially those who live on the margins of economic prosperity. The success of one person can significantly change history of his or her family for generations to come. Beyond advancing the trajectory of success for their family, they can change the game for the neighborhood and our entire community.
Your support will assist in strengthening our operations and continued success in providing high quality, effective programs that provide deep impact in our community. An investment in Journey House positively impacts 7,000 economically challenged, predominantly Latino youth and their families by increasing their educational, social, physical, mental health, and creative development. Please help us in creating opportunities for Milwaukee children and families living on the margins of economic prosperity.

Your help will inspire and encourage people to recognize and embrace their infinite possibilities.



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Milwaukee, WI, USA

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