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Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association (VAALA)

VAALA was founded in 1991 by a group of Vietnamese American journalists, artists, and friends to fill a void and provide a space for artists to express themselves as a newly resettled immigrant community. VAALA is a community-based non-profit organization historically run by volunteers with the mission to connect and enrich communities through Vietnamese arts and culture.

Over the years, VAALA has collaborated with diverse community partners to organize a variety of cultural events. These events have included art workshops and exhibitions under the Gallery Beyond Walls program, book signings, music recitals, plays, literacy events such as Viet Book Fest, and the annual Viet Film Fest.

Holidays around the world are a time for celebration, family festivities, and delicious food. Our Holiday Tree is inspired by special ingredients that are used to create enticing foods central to all Vietnamese festivities. Food has the ability to bring people together, connecting different generations and cultures. Hanging from the tree's branches, like bountiful fruits, are some essential ingredients used in many Vietnamese dishes: rice, dried noodles, mung beans, and some special items such as the star anises, agar agar, and tapioca pearls.

We completed our tree with print clippings of VAALA's "food for the soul" art programs and events. Since its establishment in 1991, VAALA has organized hundreds of delectable community events, including the annual Viet Film Fest, Autumn Moon Fest, Gallery Beyond Walls (Project Foto, Illuminated Recipes), art exhibitions such as F.O.B.: A Multi-Art Show, F.O.B.II: Art Speaks, TransformART, Generations: 40 Hues Between Black and White, and numerous literary events. The beautiful children's books at the base of the tree were featured in our inaugural Viet Book Fest (held recently in October) and are included with our Holiday Tree as presents, along with gift cards to popular local restaurants, so you can directly experience and savor the numerous fruits of Vietnamese culture.

Thank you for taking a moment to enjoy and bid on VAALA's Holiday Tree! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

All proceeds will benefit VAALA.

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