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November 18, 2020 - June 11, 2021

470 Quaker Road, Princeton, NJ, USA

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Donate $ now in a single amount, or spread out your giving via monthly recurring donations in any amount you choose, with automatic, equal donations each month, from now until 6/11/22.

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Or, for the sake of the planet & all our children, donate a gently-used item via this website, and the proceeds of the sale will go to the PFS FA. Let's go green together!

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Every dollar raised will go toward supporting our children!

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We welcome item donations!

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  Item Donation Instructions  



  • Please upload photo(s) of at least 5 articles of clothing, sports equipment, toys, or household items to donate -- is there anything a fellow PFS community member might enjoy or be able to use? 


  • For all items, please include your grade in the "Display on Item" section (after your name). If a family has more than one child at PFS, please upload 5 items per student.


  • For clothing, please include size in the item description (e.g., "Kids size 12" or "Adult Size 7").


  • For non-clothing, please include key relevant info, e.g., make, model or year, condition, etc.


  • Please place your requested sales price in the "FMV" box.

Please don't worry that your items won't be instantly visible on the Friends.Cycle website after you upload your photo(s). They have to be "approved" by the administrator first, before they'll be visible to the public. The approvals happen on a daily basis, though, so go ahead and add your items, and keep on checking back to see all the great new clothes, sports equipment and other things that are being added!  (If you have any questions or problems, please contact




  • Please contact the donor directly to arrange for pick-up


  • If, for some reason, donor's info isn't listed or there's a problem, please contact or

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