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                            Auction closes November 7th at 10:00pm EST

Atlanta Celebrates Photography creates experiences that enrich and inspire and transform -  because we believe Photography Changes Lives!

As a nonprofit that produces events and thrives on togetherness in order to support artists and the arts community, ACP remains an important platform for talented creators, in spite of this year's challenges. 

This year, over 400 photographers are participating in #ACPfest! We've also partnered with Emory University and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights to explore photography around issues affecting our society today. See what we've been up to: 

We believe in the power of photography as a tool for learning about our world, for healing, and for creating insight through shared experience.

Please invest in these efforts, and in the future of ACP, by enriching your environment with the purchase of a terrific piece of art and/or by supporting ACP by donating any amount that is comfortable for you.

...and be sure to get your ticket to our virtual dinner party, the "Give Back Gala" scheduled for Saturday November 7th!  More info here: 


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