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Welcome to the CHAMPIONSHIP!



Welcome to Ed/Glen's Dopest Dad Contest!

The Edwardsville Children's Museum is excited to highlight 16 of our community's Dopest Dads! Now, you get to help us crown Ed/Glen's Dopest Dad by voting for your favorite. One vote equals a $5 donation, which helps support our Museum. 


Round 1: Thursday Sept. 3 - Wednesday Sept. 9 at 8 pm

Top 12 Dads advance.

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Round 2: Thursday Sept. 10 - Wednesday Sept. 16 at 8 pm

Voting totals from Round 1 carry forward. Top 8 Dads advance.

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Round 3: ELITE EIGHT Thursday Sept. 17 - Wednesday Sept. 23 at 8 pm

Bracket-style competition begins in Round 3 with head-to-head match-ups. Voting totals go back to 0 for an even playing field. Winners advance to semi-finals.

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Round 4: FINAL FOUR Thursday Sept. 24 - Wednesday Sept. 30 at 8 pm

Semi-final round where final four dads go head-to-head. Voting totals go back to 0 for an even playing field. Winners advance to the championship.



Round 5: CHAMPIONSHIP Thursday Oct. 1 - Monday Oct. 5 at 8 pm

Championships are played on Mondays! This round is a few days shorter than the others. Again, voting totals go back to 0 for this round. We will crown the winner at 8 pm

MVS Award: In addition to the head-to-head contest winner, we will present the dad who raises the most total money throughout the competition with the MVS (Most Valuable Supporter) award!

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