Normal Isn't Healthy

May 06, 2021 12:00 - 1:00 pm

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A Funny, Incisive, Virtual Event with Dr. Bowen White

We've all learned how to interact with family, friends and colleagues.  Unfortunately, how we've learned those interactions may not be healthy for us.  (Or honestly, for those around us.)  Join us as author, speaker and physician Dr. Bowen White presents "Why Normal Isn't Healthy," and helps us discover how to get more out of all of our relationships, and our lives.


Bowen, who trained with and is a friend and colleague of Patch Adams, is devoted to the proposition that a whole, healthy, heartfelt life is something that each of us must and can learn - and earn - anew.  His prescription is as easy to swallow as it is effective:  laugh, misbehave, make mistakes, and through it all discover your very own potential for health, healing, and wholeness.   


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"Thank you, Bowen White, for making the abnormal healthy.  If you want to be healthy and be the person you dream of being, Bowen can sure take you there.  Go nuts."

Patch Adams, M.D.

Director, Gesundheit Institute

Friend & Colleague of Dr. Bowen White

Benefitting The Ronald McDonald House


Throughout the pandemic, our House has continued to serve families in need of a home-away-from-home while their children receive necessary medical treatment.  Unfortunately, the families we serve know quarantine and mask-wearing all too well, and always have.  We've all had to adjust to these abnormal circumstances, and now, more than ever, we understand what our families face.



"We are more than a House. We are hope and healing and high fives. But we are nothing without you."

Amy Peterson

CEO, RMHC of Western Montana 


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