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Harvey and Bonny Gaffen Advancements in ALS Award
Steve Gleason

Steve Gleason, will be presented with the Harvey & Bonny Gaffen Advancements in ALS Award. Steve played for the NFL's New Orleans Saints from 2000-2008 before being diagnosed with ALS in 2011. Steve is a co-founder of Team Gleason and Answer ALS, both of which have brought ALS research, technology and advocacy to the forefront.


Hope Through Caring Award 
Robert Ives

The Hope Through Caring Award honoree is Robert Ives, a long-time member of our Les Turner ALS family. Robert has lived with ALS since 2014, is active in our Chicago Support Group and is a dedicated donor to the Foundation's Research and Support Services programs.

About the Les Turner ALS Foundation

Founded in 1977, the Les Turner ALS Foundation is one of the longest-serving independent ALS groups in the country. For over 40 years, we have taken an individualized approach to ensure each person living with the disease receives the best quality of care and access to the most promising therapies. We treat each person like family, supporting them every step of the way, and provide their loved ones with answers and encouragement.


About ALS

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a terminal, progressive disease that causes muscle weakness, difficulty speaking and swallowing and, generally, complete paralysis. ALS can, in some cases, also cause changes in intellectual function, mood, behavior or personality. While technically considered a "rare disease," experts predict an individual's lifetime risk of acquiring ALS is about 1 in 300, by the age of 85. There is no cure, yet.

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