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Step into the kitchen!



                       THIS CLASS WAS A SUCCESS!


                 COOK WITH CHEF ZARE!


                  COOK WITH CHEF HOLLAND!


                  COOK WITH CHEF CRENN!

                        THIS CLASS WAS A SUCCESS!


                                      THIS CLASS WAS A SUCCESS!


                              THIS CLASS WAS A SUCCESS!


                            THIS CLASS WAS A SUCCESS!

About Beyond Differences

Founded in 2010, Beyond Differences is the only student-led nonprofit organization and social justice movement dedicated to ending social isolation. Beyond Differences believes that students can lead the way to make meaningful change in their community so that all teens feel included, valued and accepted by their peers. The organization created three positive prevention initiatives: Know Your Classmates, No One Eats Alone and Be Kind Online with curriculum and activities.  Beyond Differences celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year with more than 6,500 schools nationwide using its materials, which are provided free of charge. For more information, visit 


No One Eats Alone is a Positive Prevention Initiative for middle school children that includes an original curriculum, a national awareness day, and student leadership training. It teaches children how to be activists that work to combat social isolation. National No One Eats Alone Day is a lunchtime special event that takes place at school. Students engage in simple acts of inclusion during lunch - in other words, taking the first step towards making sure that no one is eating alone.


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