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May 15th, 12 PM 
To watch live go to:
You can access the live event starting at 11:30 AM! We suggest logging in before 12 in case you run into any technical issues. 

Even if we can't come together, we can join together to celebrate young people who are working to end relationship violence in our community and raise much-needed funds to support PAVE's work with youth and survivors. 

This work is needed today more than ever as these times of isolation can be particularly difficult for survivors of domestic violence who may not be safe at home and for our most vulnerable young people who are now disconnected from the resources they have at school.

Register today to join us as we celebrate the hope these young people bring to our community and work together to provide the resources needed to support them with therapy, emergency relief and connections to community resources, and both in-person and virtual violence prevention education.

If you know the live event won't work for your schedule, please feel free to go to the donate button and give now. We appreciate your support! 

PAVE's Impact 

"Because of the true man program, I've not only become a better man, but a better person. I've learned how to stabilize and build good relationships. I've learned how to cope with my pain naturally and in a healthy manner and I've found alternatives that would benefit both myself and those around me. Growing up without a father, I never really learned these different aspects of being a man so I took the stereotypical route but luckily I crossed paths with an exceptional program. I am truly blessed to learn from great men and women who genuinely care about me and where I'm heading with life."

--Nejon, True Man alum and 2019 True Man Award recipient 

The money raised from this event supports PAVE's intervention and prevention services. Last year, PAVE reached 3,800 youth, parents and educators. Our programs include:  

True Man & PATH to Healthy Relationships classes provide middle school and high school students and teams with in-depth healthy relationship and healthy masculinity education. For the 2018-19 school year: 

  • 92% of participants stated that power should be shared equally in a relationship
  • 79% of participants stated that they can regulate their emotions more effectively
  • 86% of participants intend to change their behavior as a result of what they learned
  • 89% of participants stated that they would not tease someone for not conforming to gender stereotypes

School-based Therapy and Family Advocacy provides youth with full-time trauma-focused therapy at five Denver Public Schools and provides support in accessing community resources to help meet basic needs (food, shelter and housing, employment, continuing education, legal services and protection orders, etc.). For the 2018-19 school year: 

  • 71% of clients reported positive change in their ability to cope with trauma
  • 62% of clients reported positive change in their view of the self
  • 69% of clients reported an improved ability to use positive relationship skills

Youth Community Educators Program (YCEP) empowers high school and early college students to provide peer to peer education on healthy relationships and dating violence prevention. Youth Educators learn leadership skills, professional development, and healthy relationship skills. For this school year: 

  • 14 Youth Educators were trained and participated in the program 
  • More than 1,000 young people were reached through Youth Educator presentations 
  • Youth Educators set their own goals and plans for the year



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