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Play it Forward: A Musical Celebration of our Creative Community


About Play It Forward: Intonation Music has held unique fundraising events for years, and our guests have shared that what sets us apart are inspiring performances. Due to the pandemic and a need for social distancing, Play It Forward has been postponed and further transformed into an event honoring our supporters.

Virtual Show on Tuesday, October 20th at 7:00pm

About the Music: Play It Forward will feature Intonation alum Wyatt Waddell and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco performing an acoustic set in an intimate setting. The streamed event will also include music created by Intonation students, Intonation instructors, Rosebud Studio artists, and a surprise guest or two. 

About Intonation Music: Intonation is a music education nonprofit that provides year-round programming for youth on Chicago's mid-South Side. Our students explore their individual and creative potential by learning to play instruments, forming their own bands, and performing for the community. 

Chris Keogh



Heiji Choy Black & Brian Black

Joyce & Dennis Black

Tanyala Rodgers-Coe & Antaeus Coe

Brian Feltzin

Caryn & John Gallop

John Gilligan

Louise & Adam Langsam

Karen & Paul Simons

Stacey & Donnan Steele

Kathi & Jim Willett


Monique & Tom Demery

Carrie & Kevin Driscoll

The Fogelson Family Foundation

Jennifer Pingledis & Prashant Gupta

Noelle & Scott Hunken

Jordana Joseph & Glen Saltzberg

Thomas Kane

Randi & Russ Miron

Eva Yusa & David Singer

Tracy Varley



Brian Black


Mawiyah Coates


Irene Fogelson


John Gallop


Mark Greenberg


Syrennia McArthur Hanshaw


Chris Keogh


Adam Langsam


Nick Markos


Russel Miron


Tanyala Rodgers Coe


David Singer


Tracy Varley


Hosted By

Intonation Music

Virtual Stream From

Chicago, IL, USA

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