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Thanks to our loyal supporters, we have reached our goal of $10,000 in donations. This virtual fundraiser was a first for our organization. During uncertain times, we are thankful that we can count on the generosity of people like you. Our families are an essential part of our community and so is your support. 


If you still wish to make a contribution, you can do so at northstarofcc.org/donate.

Our Families are Essential

These days, the news often shines a spotlight on "essential" workers: grocery store employees, nurses, delivery people, etc. These are the single working parents in our program.

There's "Tiana," a CNA who works in a senior living community. She was sent home with a low-grade fever and waited five sleepless nights before learning that her Coronavirus test came back "negative" - this time. "Lia" works in a grocery store, riding the bus (while wearing a face mask) to her job since she cannot afford a car. If she contracts the virus, who will care for her preschooler who has autism? Others have been laid off from work, wondering when they can return. Our goal is to make sure none of them lose their housing.

Our families are essential and so is your support. Helping them remain in their homes and guiding parents toward self-sufficiency doesn't just help them - it helps the entire community.

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About North Star of Chester County

North Star of Chester County guides Chester County's single working parents with dependent children, who are at risk of homelessness, toward stability and financial independence. We help our participant families remain in clean, safe, affordable housing as they work to secure their future through a structured program of financial assistance, mentoring and supportive services.

Now in its 27th year serving Chester County, North Star has helped hundreds of hardworking families remain in their homes.

Single parents who stay in our program for three full years emerge stable and proudly able to provide for their families.

Learn more at northstarofcc.org

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