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Because our Cause is worth fighting for more than ever in these unprecedented times!!!

Help RF Youth Boxing & Revolution Training defend against the impact from the blows of COVID-19.

When the round starts and society is back up and running, let's make sure we are able to continue the impactful and important work in the community.

RFYB and RT has helped hundreds of families over the last 15 years.

Let's keep the movement alive!!

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As I reflect back on the past 15 Years, I think about the beginning. I had this idea to create a space that would bring people of all walks of life together for the purpose of progress, self improvement and most of all to give back to the community, especially at risk youth. I think of the countless hours of blood, sweat and tears that went in to accomplishing  a multitude of goals. I am so grateful for all the relationships created that have endured the same persistence and fortitude as Revolution Training and RF Youth Boxing, the movement. I smile when I think about all the good times we've shared during countless events we've hosted. Nothing however bring me more pride than when I think of the impact RF Youth Boxing and Revolution Training has had on the youth in our community. We have given them a safe and productive space to spend their time after school hours, weekends and summer days.


That is why I was so saddened when we were obliged to close our doors on March 17th due to the Corona Virus. I too had difficulty accepting our way of life was drastically interrupted. As many of you know, Revolution Training was in the process of improving and updating our space and our programs to continue to focus on our mission.

Unfortunately Revolution Training and RF Youth Boxing hasn't received any assistance from the SBA Disaster Relief Fund or The Cares Act. As I have always been transparent with you all, that lack of support and getting lost in the sadness of this global pandemic led to a feeling of emptiness. Then I remembered how this idea was built. This movement was built by all of our blood, sweat and love and the only way the movement will continue is if we continue to support our own. So I'm not going to wait around to see if the government decides if we are important enough to save. I have too many parents, children and families that look to Revolution for that support and I am willing to fight as best as I can to maintain what we have all worked hard to build. I'm reaching out to who matters most in all of this, YOU!!! Many of you have inquired on ways to donate or support and that has only fueled my desire to fight for our home. I thank you all for your continued support over the years. I know we are all being impacted in many ways by this virus. I therefore thank you all in advance for your support and donations. No amount is too small and is a help to keeping our mission alive. Even prayers and thoughts are welcomed. We need all the love and support during these challenging times but one thing I do know for sure is that we will overcome this and we will be better than ever.

- Ahmad Mickens (Owner, Trainer, Certified Instructor)

 About RF Youth Boxing, Inc.


RF Youth Boxing, Inc.


RF Youth Boxing, Inc. is a 501 3 (C) designated charitable organization that has been a part of the Lower Fairfield County community for more than ten years. Our mission is to empower, encourage, and equip our youth with essential life skills through the art of boxing. Boxing is a rewarding and challenging sport. Our goal is to provide a SAFE and FUN environment. The exercises, movements, and drills taught in our programs challenge the whole body - both mentally and physically. We teach coordination, balance, agility, accountability, and confidence, which translate to just about any sport your child may play. We develop the whole child.




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