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605/806 Memorial

The partners at Donors Unlimited are proud to assist students with an interest in animal agriculture as they pursue their dreams. Since 2015, thanks to the generous support of the Donors Unlimited team and their great customers, the 605/806 Memorial Fund has been able to award more than $46,000 to fifteen deserving college students from all parts of the country.

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No act of generosity is too small to make a difference.

Donors Unlimited Share the Harvest 2019
Closes September 25th at 8:00pm CT
Text DONORS to 52182


Share the Harvest with the great breeders in the Donors Unlimited program! This annual offering of their successful donor females and their best matings has proven itself to be a great source of efficient success. Take your pick from these proven matings and consider that no one offers the service and warranties that you will find in the Donors Unlimited program.

Unless otherwise mentioned, all embryos are ready to ship from Hereford - at the purchaser's risk and expense - in our own containers. A guarantee of not less than one 90-day pregnancy applies to purchases of 3-11 embryos and a guarantee of not less than 50% conception rate (in terms of 90 day pregnancies) applies when 12 or more embryos are purchased. This guarantee is valid when a certified technician is used for transfer and lasts for 18 months from the auction date. We will also offer to make pregnancies for you in Hereford, TX, under the supervision of our founding partner and embryologist, Dr. Mike Mimms. Be sure to call 806.364.1331 ASAP to arrange for this service.

Confirmed pregnancies are available for immediate shipment at the purchaser's expense from Beloit, Ohio. Once payment has been received seller will assist with trucking arrangements. Recipient is guaranteed to be carrying the mating shown upon arrival at the purchaser's farm. No guarantee is made as to a live calf at parturition or duration of pregnancy.

Now with nearly $13 million in sales, Donors Unlimited is your partner for efficient success. Thank you for your support and confidence over the years.

Please call us anytime if we can assist you and plan also for these other events from the DU Team:

-Sires Unlimited Fall 2019 is October 28, 2019 in Hereford and online
-Share the Future 16 is April 25, 2020 in Hereford

Craig Reiter, Marketing Agent: 419.350.9159
Mike Mimms, DVM: 806.344.5016


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