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Every dollar donated goes towards financial aid. Your donation helps support a child who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend Montclare. No amount is too small!

Cadence Education generously matches (or exceeds) every dollar the MPA allocates to financial aid!

Giving levels are as follows:

$20-$500: Green Crocs
$500-$999: Amsterdam Crocs
$1000-$1999: Manhattan Crocs
$2000+: Welcome to the 2000 Society*

*Montclare was founded in the year 2000.

Please email treasurer@montclarepa.org if you wish to keep your donations anonymous.

We also accept stock donations as well, contact us for more information!

We welcome item donations!

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MPA Mission:

The Montclare Parents Association's purpose is to foster a positive sense of community among Montclare Children's School students, families, and staff, and to support diversity as an integral part of school life.We believe that a vibrant, diverse community represents a vital learning opportunity for children, and reflects important values of caring and responsibility toward others.

What We Do:

Working closely with Montclare's director and team, our families volunteer their time, talents and resources, and collectively donate thousands of hours to plan community-building events as well as fundraising activities. Funds raised through this extraordinary effort support need-based scholarships for children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend Montclare Children's School.

How to get involved:

The School Picnic, Casino Night, Holiday & Spring Concerts, and Winter Benefit are just a few of the many fun and exciting events planned to make this a fun and successful year! A terrific way to become more involved is to volunteer your time and talents to one or more of the various committees throughout the year. Aside from becoming more engaged in your child's school, it is a wonderful way to get to know other Montclare families. If you wish to volunteer, please contact the individuals listed there or email us at pachairs@montclarepa.org.

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming MPA meetings, events and fundraisers. Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns.

The Montclare Parents Association (Tax ID 92-0188500) is a corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Montclare Parents Association Board Members & Committee Chairs 2019-2020

President: Angela Fannon (president@montclarepa.org)

Secretary: Katie Lentz (secretary@montclarepa.org)

Treasurer: Yanshu Li (treasurer@montclarepa.org)

Co-Chair Programs: Erin Ahrens (pachairs@montclarepa.org)

Co-Chair Programs: Melissa Berry (pachairs@montclarepa.org)

Admissions Committee: Jennie Sargen, Nilam Agrawal-Desai & Tiffany Gorman

Alumni Relations: Abbey Orski & Eliza Browning

Book Fair: Gillian Sporn, Carolyn Traut & Mimi Su Lozow

Casino Night: Sunaina Ocalan & Rosangely Frick

Charity: Siddartha Sen & Nilam Agrawal-Desai

Green Committee: Gillian Sporn, Madeleine Sinclair, Onima Bhuchar, Peter Argue & Byung Lee Alamgir

Holiday Concert: Olya Heller & Lileng Tan

Holiday Fair: Sharon Fry, Joy Huibonhoa & Kimberly Naverette

Montclare Cares: Urvashi Sen

Parents League: Jane Bullock

Photo Shoot: Christopher Kim & Peter Argue (Photographer)

School Store: Sue Oh & Hyemin Koo

Social/Fall Picnic: Maja Vukovic, Rosanne Park & Jill Thompson

Spring Fling: Ayala Donchin & Jane Kim

Winter Benefit: Margarita Bresoeva, Tanya Prive, Yesha Sharma & Valentina Cassata

Yearbook: Kelli Wein, Danielle Simon, Elisa Cash & Tzo Ai Ang

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MPA Mission: The Montclare Parents Association's purpose is to foster a positive sense of community among Montclare Children's School students, famili...

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