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Biggest Little Boardwalk

May 10, 2019 6:00 - 9:30 pm

Peppermill Reno

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We truly appreciate your generosity and kindness. There are many opportunities to make a difference to the Children in our program.

Sponsor a child for one or several counseling session: $72.00 per session.

We strive for 10 sessions per child: $720.00

Sponsor a child on their journey from victim to survivor: forensic interview, medical exam, mental health, healing and justice: $1,457.00

We are committed to maximizing your donation at any and all levels of support.

We welcome item donations!

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Auction. Raffle. Authentic Boardwalk Bites. Carnival Games. Signature Cocktails.

Remember how much fun it was to stroll down the boardwalk on those summer nights, throwing the ball to knock down milk bottles, tossing the rings onto a bottle, shooting hoops and eating plenty of food that we shouldn't, like corn dogs, pizza, waffles, even after we were full. Always somehow finding room for dessert and walking away with a plush prize or two.

The memories of those nights stay with us forever and we want the same experiences for our children years later. Letting kids be kids (we're sounding like our parents now). We want nothing more for the children we serve at the Washoe County Child Advocacy Center. Children who often never got the opportunity to be a kid because of sexual abuse, trauma, emotional and mental abuse. At the CAC, we create a safe, welcoming and kid friendly environment to help them take that first scary step forward. Help them know, it's okay to play. It's okay to laugh. It's okay to be a kid.

So join us on Friday, May 10th at our inaugural Biggest Little Boardwalk event - play boardwalk games, eat too much, enjoy specialty cocktails like Cotton Candy champagne, Vodka Lemonade slushies and leave room for dessert.

Come be a kid again to raise money for our children to do the same.

Come support the Friends of the Washoe County Child Advocacy Center

May 10th

6:00 - 9:30

Peppermill Reno

The money raised at the Biggest Little Boardwalk will benefit the Friends of Washoe
County Child Advocacy Center who support the mission of
Washoe County Child Advocacy Center. The Washoe County
Child Advocacy Center provides protection, advocacy, justice
and healing for child abuse victims. Thank you for your
consideration and support.

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Friends of Washoe County Child Advocacy Center
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Peppermill Reno

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