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Cornerstone Academy is a private Christian high school that aims to meet the educational needs of youth and reduce the high school dropout rate by giving students a second chance at educational success. The program offers a personalized education, a moral code, and tools for self-sufficiency.

Students all pay tuition. That income covers approximately 20% of operating costs. The school raises the other 80% through the Work-Study Program and contributions from corporations, churches, foundations, and individuals.


We are a small, private Christian high school on the Near North Side of Chicago, serving students whose needs have not been met by other high schools, and whose dreams and talents are in danger of being wasted. Our primary aim is to work with students who began high school elsewhere, but now need a fresh start.

The school's purpose is to advance the intellectual, vocational, and spiritual experiences of these students.

Founded in 1994, we created a model that provides an old-fashion, one-room-school-house-like education for students desiring an educational setting that is more personalized.

Finally, somewhat uniquely, we also require students to hold a job for three months (averaging 12 hours of work a week) before graduation.

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Cornerstone Academy


Garfield Park Conservatory, North Central Park Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

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