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 Welcome to Team Type 1, the largest diabetes and sports organization in the world!

We are comprised of more than 170 world-class athletes all living with type 1 diabetes. Our vision is a world without the common stigma that those with diabetes can't.  We can. We do. And, we prove it every day. Our mission is to level the playing field for those with the disease.
Our programs serve the current need of those with diabetes, based on where they live and their access to healthcare. Team Type 1:
·       Provides college scholarships and leadership training to US-based student-athletes with type 1 diabetes. Our leadership training develops each athlete into the go-to person for diabetes inspiration and empowerment in their local communities, so they can then inspire others. Funds also off-set the increasing cost of diabetes supplies and insulin in the States
·       In Rwanda, TT1 continues to provide life-saving diabetes supplies and education to those who would otherwise suffer debilitating complications and early death from diabetes. In addition, we are beginning important US-based patient advocacy work with the aim of making diabetes medications easy to obtain and affordable for all.
·       Hosts an Elite Team of all-diabetes world-class amateur athletes that compete at the highest level of their sport and serve as sources of inspiration for their communities.
·       At the global level, advocates for equal and affordable access to diabetes supplies for everyone with diabetes
Our successes include:
·       Every year, thousands of individuals with diabetes hear our athletes' stories and become inspired to overcome their own challenges and choose a healthier, longer, happier life
·     Over the last 5 years, the collective A1C of those with diabetes in Rwanda has dropped from 10% to 8.9%, extending their lives, avoiding complications, and making them contributing members of their society
·     In 2018, TT1 entered into conversations with the Rwanda Ministry of Health that resulted in the country adding blood glucose testing supplies to the national insurance formulary. For the first time, diabetics in Rwanda have affordable access to life-saving medical supplies.
As we wait for a cure, TT1 is improving the lives of those with diabetes now. We invite you to join the Team!

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Team Type 1 Foundation
For questions about the 2019 Auction for Life please contact Nora McCulloch


The Stave Room, Armour Drive Northeast, Atlanta, GA, USA

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