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and Some Select Females Too
February 9, 2019 - Rogersville, TN closes at 2 PM ET

We are pleased to present our 35th Anniversary Sale. Each year, we have set as our goal to do better than the year before.

Over the years, the emphasis on data collection in the cattle industry has led to a number of improvements in cattle performance which we have embraced; however, many breeders and some breed associations have become so focused on data that they have forgotten a number of real-world issues facing commercial cattlemen. In their head-long pursuit of data, they have forgotten the practical traits: calving ease, good temperaments, good feet, good legs, good udders and longevity. At Willow Oak we have always kept those practical traits in mind. We were the first in the industry to provide our customers with temperament scores on our cattle.

Feed efficiency is the #1 profit driver in the beef industry and the most overlooked statistic. Accurately isolating this data is difficult; but on several occasions, we have been able to measure feed efficiency in small groups. Willow Oak calves have consistently converted feed to gain in a 5:1 ratio. An amazing but accurate statistic - it takes 9x more energy to put backfat on cattle than it does to put on muscle. As quality grade goes up, conversion goes up. Look at the backfat on these bulls after 100-plus days on feed.

We appreciate your support of our 35th Anniversary Sale.

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