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Thank you for joining us for Brooklyn Arts Council's 2021 Mutual Aid Art Sale.

In a normal year, Brooklyn Arts Council holds two annual fundraisers: a traditional gala event in the spring and an affordable art sale in the fall. Needless to say, this is not a normal year. Our spring fundraiser was postponed indefinitely given the necessary restrictions on social gathering, and for the same reason we will not be able to hold our fall art sale, AccessArt, in the same way as years past.

But we still need to raise funds to support our work. At the same time, we know from our own surveys and those of other arts organizations that individual artists are suffering mightily through the ongoing crisis.

We pulled these threads together to create an online art sale in which artists can donate their art to benefit Brooklyn Arts Council, sell their art directly to our supporters and keep the proceeds, or a combination thereof. The sale will culminate in a live event where we can celebrate participating artists and our intended spring honorees.

We will exhibit artwork on an ongoing basis, with a rotating selection of works over the course of the sale. Artwork can be purchased either by bidding or by using the 'buy now' feature to purchase items for twice their market value. Keep up to date with newly added artwork here or via our social media channels and email newsletter.

We deeply appreciate your support of art and artists in Brooklyn.

For artists:

To submit artwork to Brooklyn Arts Council's Mutual Aid Art Sale, please fill out this form. Artwork may be submitted on a rolling basis, and will be displayed within two weeks of submission. We will then collaborate with you to promote your artwork for sale and determine a date by which to end the sale of your work, after which point you may put additional work up for sale if that is of interest.

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