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Barber Ranch
High Quality Sudex Haygrazer Auction
Closes Racehorse Style Sept 7th at 3pm CT

This is the first time Barber Ranch has ever offered our high quality summer Sudex haygrazer hay for sale to the public. We had excellent yields this summer and decided to plant another round and offer it for auction. This Sudex hay has a 13% protein value and is the first cutting and was irrigated and fertilized. The hay was not rained on between cutting and baling and was cut early while the stalks were very immature and small - it is an extremely high quality hay. In addition to having plenty of power it is an exceptional filler hay that maintains body condition. We have long fed this hay to our show cattle along with any other cattle on the ranch. We continually receive phone calls from people wanting a trailer full and are always lending some to friends at cattle shows. This hay has been key to getting our Barber Ranch show cattle full and at their best on show day. Here's an opportunity to get plenty to take home. We will be offering approximately 300 round bales and 450 small square bales and selling them price per bale in bundled lots.

Barber Ranch has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the hay it's offering. If a buyer is not satisfied that the hay is properly represented they may return it to Barber Ranch for a full refund, but the buyer will be responsible for all the freight.

TERMS/CONDITIONS: All hay must be paid for prior to it being loaded and all hay must be picked up no later than 9/21/18- which is a 2 week window. Any hay not paid for in full and picked up prior to that date remains property of Barber Ranch and may be resold. In the event you are the successful bidder on one of the round bale lots (25 bales with option up to 35 bales) please communicate the number of bales per lot prior to paying so that we invoice and load the correct amount. Payment may be made in check or cash to Barber Ranch or you may pay with a credit card on the link SmartAuctions provides to buyers after the auction. Please note that there will be a 5% transaction fee if you pay by credit card. Barber Ranch will be responsible for loading the hay on trucks. The buyer will be responsible for arranging loading/delivery and ensuring payment is made before the hay is loaded. The crude protein percentage of the hay is 13.3% and we have attached the complete NIR1 results to view when you click on the lots (it is the same for each lot as we only did one report). We also want you to note that we make every effort to represent the hay as accurately as possible, but no guarantee is made on additional RFV tests. Our NIR1 test should be used as a guide only as RFV tests can have wide variations between different samples and different labs.

Hay ships from the Barber Ranch Headquarters
10175 FM 3138 Channing, TX, 79108

Dale Barber/Barber Ranch: 806-673-1965
Brett Barber/Barber Ranch: 806-681-2457
Jason Barber: 817-718-5821

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