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JB Miniature Herefords

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Closes September 8th at 7:00pm CT


What a year it has been! We at JB Miniature Herefords want to welcome you to bid on our second annual online Miniature Hereford sale. I am very passionate about what these pint-sized guys did for my children and I want others to enjoy the same benefits! However why work so hard getting these stubborn things down the road if you can't win!! We hope the sleepless nights of genetic comparisons and the long days washing and breaking calves can bring a smile to a child's face near you. I encourage everyone to use a mini to draw a new child into the wonderful world of agriculture or to keep a fourth-generation future rancher hooked for life. I've seen what minis have done for my kids as they have graduated up please let us know how we can do the same for yours!!! #KEEPINGKIDSINAG

Many calves make the feedlot few make the sale barn we think you will be pleased with this second offering! Remember you pick up before we pick nothing has been set aside or saved we will show what doesn't sell from this offering we didn't present one to you we wouldn't put our brand on! 

Sale hauling info:
NOTE-If two or more calves are purchased by the same or different buyer a ride for $100 per head will be provided to a middle meeting location agreed upon by buyers.
One haul back east , one haul up north , and one out west will be available ! ( as long as two calves are purchased in that region)  We are so excited to hear from so many clients all over the country that we realized after so many questions we had to step in to help out!
Example if a calf is bought from the north east and one is bought in Southeast we may decide Louisville or something central for both parties is the meeting location for the back east haul. Same scenario for the northern states and the western states. We will haul them for $100 a head.
If you are looking for a private haul . We have a great guy we would trust with our show calves any day! 214-502-2901 Call him up!


Allison Donalson: 361-319-5272

Jason Barber: 817-718-5821

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