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No cow has done so much for 2 programs as Nellie has done for the Golden Oak Livestock & AXA Herefords.

I purchased Nellie at the Polled Power Sale in '03. I will never forget Neal Wilson turning around to me and saying "you got a real nice heifer." 

The first show I took Nellie to was Farm Fair. Her and her bull calf were Reserve Champion female. The bull calf at side was Predator who sold for 10K to Murphy Ridge.

Her next calf was Golden Oak Fusion who sold to AXA for 10K. Who would have guessed what would be in our future partnerships.

Golden Oak Fusion would go on to sire the iconic Golden Oak Outcross 18U. Outcross had a major impact on the Hereford breed south of the border thanks to Hoffmans and Churchills Cattle co. Outcross has generated millions in sales of progeny throughout North America. There are too many National & Junior National champions to mention!

In 2008 I sold a package of cows to Copper Creek which included Nellie, to help purchase a quarter land where Golden Oak Livestock is located.

In the fall of '09 I was given the opportunity to buy Nellie back. I didn't have the funds at the time so I called my friend Allan Marshall and in his style he said "do what you think is right."
We owned Nellie again and brought her back to Alberta!

At age 12, Nellie was sold to another great partner, Dimitri Mataragas of Iron Lake Ranch in TX. She has been a great donor and has paid for herself a couple of times over! She continues to reside in the pastures of TX and is still very productive at age 15.

Nellie has sold flushes around the world that have generated over 100K and continuing to grow.

To say we are honored and privileged to have owned a cow that has had such an impact on the Hereford breed would be an understatement. Knowing that her genetics, both bulls and females, run deep in many Hereford herds worldwide is extremely gratifying and we know with the utmost confidence her genetics will continue to better the breed for years to come.

Golden Oak Livestock
Tom McNeely
[email protected]

AXA Farms
Allan Marshall
506.636.1877 - [email protected]

Jessy Milne-Smith: 613.229.1073

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