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"Tangerine" - Curtis Speer

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Edition 1/11. 24" x 18" x 2.25". Pigment print on cotton rag, linden, raw walnut, and brass.

Donation from Curtis Speer for CUSP GALLERY

Value $1500

The artist behind the art. I would consider myself an artist that uses a camera, as opposed to a photographer. Visual Storytelling is the focus of my work, since "anyone can take a picture these days," as it was explained to me by a gallery in the Pacific Northwest. Changing perspectives is something I continue to open myself up to in regards to conversations, processes and moreover, my artistic approach.

CUSP GALLERY is a fine art photography gallery in the heart of Provincetown, MA which I opened in May of 2017. Down to $27 the day I opened the door to the public, I had no option but to trust the next step. What followed would be one of the most successful summers of my creative career. CUSP is a space for showcasing limited edition fine art photographs which ebb and flow from works of beauty to those of an evocative nature to images which provoke...provoke the viewer to see and feel and, more often than not, ask questions.

Photographs which take on the nature of a painting tend to create dialogue with me and the viewer. My technique generally expresses a sensuality about whatever subject I capture; my work is visual, tactile, aural...and in some, what can be smelled and tasted. One cannot fully experience any work of art (visual, musical, or performing) without using most, if not all, of the senses through our visual, aural, tactile, and olfactory capacities.

Attended Cameron University on a 4-year scholarship for Drawing. Pursued a BFA in Drawing, Painting, Sculpture.

Awards & Nominations:
Images from the concentration camp, Theresienstadt, have been included in the permanent collection of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Donated By CUSP Gallery